Sven Ennerst

Sven Ennerst (born 13 October 1963) is a Member of the Board of Management of Daimler Truck AG and global Head of Product Engineering & Procurement organisation and Daimler Trucks China. In 1991, after graduating from Darmstadt Technical University with a degree in mechanical engineering, a stint at Tongji University in Shanghai and gaining his first taste of practical experience in China and the US, Ennerst entered the international engineering trainee programme at the then Mercedes-Benz AG.

He began work as a planning engineer at the truck assembly plant in Wörth, Germany in the very same year. There, he became a team leader for the planning of international commercial vehicle facilities and markets. In 1997, Ennerst assumed the position of Senior Manager Regional Strategy Asia. After performing additional management roles in Asia, he became the head of the Mercedes-Benz plant in Kassel, Germany until 2006.

From August 2006 to July 2013, he oversaw the renewal of the entire heavy-duty product range of Mercedes-Benz lorries. He has been the global Head of Product Engineering & Procurement organisation for Daimler Trucks since 1 August 2013 and since 1 January 2018, he has been responsible for Daimler Trucks’ business in China, both for local production at Beijing Foton Daimler Automotive and for the import business at Daimler Trucks and Buses China.

Ennerst began research on the fuel cell-related implementation of hydrogen in heavy-duty commercial vehicles in 2016. Several projects were launched under his leadership, which led to the introduction of the concept for fuel cell-powered lorries from Mercedes-Benz in mid-2020. Lorries can now complete demanding long-haul routes of over 1,000 kilometres on a single tank of fuel as a result.

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