Gunda Röstel

Having her degree in special education teacher, Gunda Röstel first worked as a teacher and then later as a head teacher. Following her political commitment as Chairwoman of German political party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen (Alliance 90/The Greens), she has been active in the field of energy and water management since 2000. Thanks to her position as Executive Officer of GELSENWASSER AG, Commercial Managing Director of the subsidiary Stadtentwässerung Dresden GmbH as well as in roles several supervisory boards within the EnBW Group, she has years of operative and extensive occupational experience in this sector.

She is also co-founder and Chairwoman of the Board of the only internationally oriented water association German Water Partnership, has been Chair of the Economic Committee in the BDEW for several years and is a Member of the extended Special Board for Water/Wastewater and a permanent guest on the German Federal Executive Board. She has been active as Chairwoman of the University Council at Dresden Technical University for over ten years.

Furthermore, she is as Member of the German Council for Sustainable Development, the German National Hydrogen Council, the Saxon Innovation Advisory Board and the advisory board of HZwo e. V. (Saxon Network for the Promotion of the Hydrogen Economy).

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